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15.10.2014 - Last version of SORG V4 (internal version Next release will be SORG V5!

Be professional

We have developed several hardware accesories to use with SORG V4 program to raise your competitions at the the profi level. Giant LED timer, weather unit etc. Mobile applications are also supported. Especially for QR codes and Remote Score Entering /RSE/ - no more papers, no more walking - score is sended by one button push!

Join us !

We are looking for associates who can help us improve our program, adding new ideas, technologies, national rules or can help us with the development of additional hardware

Join us and come together to make the best solution for modellers!

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All about SORG V4 can be splited into next categories :

General info

General info >>> what is sorg ?

sorglogoblockIt´s simple: Best All-in-one solution for RC-aircraft competitions in various glider and aircombat categories :) In one package you can have online registrations, easy contest creation [automatically downloaded from internet / selecting from category editor database], scorecards printing, chanel checking, draw creating, score entering / computing, audio tracks synchronized with SORG timer, big LED stopwatch synchonized automaticaly with audio track and SORG timer, detailed meteorogical data, every-time printable detailed order / results, final flights, and finally, but not last : detailed output in direct-print or html format. So you can easy create online ranking, send results via email or send it to your FTP.

System info

Sorg in clean and simply program without any databases, complex additional requeries or something else programed in .NET Visual Basic

only what need is .NET Framework 3.5 + which is includet in all OS from Vista up. on XP is downloadet via MSupdates. Audio is played via DirectX 9+ (part of any system from XP up)

All data is stored in clear txt / ini or XML files. no databases or data encryption. complete data from contest is stored in one XML file. easy, clean and effective!



SORG V4 is realy complex software solution and is completed from several parts.


In this part of SORG u can see all created contests and manage it (delete, create new), database of users, online check of new version and language selection  


From loader via "Database of competitors" you can access SORG database of users. in this window is two "folders" with users list. One is you local custom-created database, second is "SORG DATABASE" and can be updated from internet with button "Update SORG userlist". All users who are registered in our online system will be downloaded automatically.


New contest creating is simply. There exist three ways how to create new contest.

1) Manual creating


At first you type name of contest... then you select correct category (all categories are editable in category editor and includes all rules, u dont must know what rules is in F5J.), and at last time you only click on users which u want have in contest. and DONE

2) Create copy from existing contest. With or without users.

3) Create from online registration system. If u use our online system, you can simply click on button "load contests" and then simply select correct contest. Type name, select correct category and whoala. All is created including competitors. It does not get be easier

Category editor  

Category editor is "magic box" with its help you can create any category, set rules, penalisations, default data etc. and then u dont must re-define in every contest again and again. Anymore you create new contest, only simply select correct category.




If u select contest and load it, you can see this screen.

This is complete contest - additional setup. You can select correct audio file (one frou our big database), set number of starpoints, rounds, roration matrix (8 different styles) and many many others.


On second tab is competitors overview. You can here print scorecards, check payments, edit / remove / add competitors, delete score, edit team etc.


and then print it, or save as HTML file 


Third tab is "security tab". here u can see (and change) all channels, collisions etc.


Create draw

Here SORG create draw by selected rotation matrix and additional functions (Two consecutive fly protection, team rules, channel checking). You can print this and give it to competitors or on internet. You can see and print too "who flies with whom".


Main flights and input score

This is "core" of SORG system. You can see flight rounds, groups, startpoints and competitors on it. Main stopwatch and preparation time stopwatch, refly section and additional buttons :)

Colored "boxes" have own logic. Red round (or group) isnt absolutly not filled, orange is semi-filled and green is complete filled. You have complete overview withou many clicks and searching "who dont have filled data"

Simply click on user name and fill all what u need :) you can make it without mouse, only with keyboard. 

Last news is "RSE" function (Remote Score Entering) . You dont must have score on paper and fill all via mobile with our Android application or directly from internet. Great and simple !


Qualification results

Click on button and have immediatly results, print it and give to competitors OR show it on external display / TV. You can select number of rounds for score compting or delete worst/best score. You can see you rank progress between previeous and last round.


Final flights

Depending on the selected numbers of startpoints for final flights and SORG select best pilots, and show final round(s). Again is here stopwatch, preparation time stopwatch, and print function. Final flights also have chanel cheking (warning) for better safety and re-fly.


Final results

If is contest complete, you can see results with all scores and sorted by final positions (if is flying). You can then show results by age category, team ranks, landing precisions, min height, max time and many interesting data. Awesome :-Dsorg10sorg11

At last you can send (or print data to HTML or onto paper) into online SORG rank. All data send into internet without problems and manuall work. simply the best.

The main output from SORG V4 is "complete overview" and in this is COMPLETE ALL DATAs from contest. see here


Supported categories

Sorg isn't like other programs... Our software contains great complex category editor, in which you can create many existing categories. If u create new contest, simply type name of the contest, insert competitors (from local list, or one-click from online contest registration) and select category. All rules, landing scores, times, sounds etc. will be assigned automatically - whether you know the rules, or not.

If your category isn't in the category list, simply create it! And if u send this created category to SORG authors, we put this rules into the next release. Cooperate on our software! 


Actually is in software implement or on beta stage this 

World FAI rules

  • F5J
  • F3J
  • F3K - Betatesting
  • F3F - Developing
  • F3B - Developing
  • F5B - Developing

Czech national rules

  • RCEK
  • RCEJ
  • RCEN
  • RCEO
  • RCE100

Slovak national rules

  • F-5J400-Alti
  • F-5J-Lite

International rules

Many glider-style categories in countries like 

  • Argentina
  • Spain
  • Magyar
  • Slovenia
  • Poland
  • Finland
  • USA
  • Japan

Other rules

  • All custom air-combat categories
  • Fix height glider style competition (ALES)
  • Variable height-limited style (F5J mutation)
  • Time limited glider style competition
  • Do you want something new ? power limited ? other limitation ? other landing, recounting, view, sounds, simply ALL WHAT YOU WANT, tell us and we add this into the next release of SORG. Help us be better!


Online system

** Online system need own modification. is really difficult make this section "user-friendly". if u need help or want installation by us, please use contact form" we can make this in our servers, or on yours server / website**


SORG V4 have own online system for competitors registrations (users database) , contest creating, category-year ranking, contest results, online score entering (RSE) with QR codes support etc.

It can be splitted into two categories 

Online input system (data travels from website inside the software)

  • Competitor registration into SORG online database. Everybody who is registered is stored in online database. if competition organisator click in sorg on button "SORG userlist" all users registered via this form is downloadet into computer with sorg. Organisator have actual user list and dont must re-write all competitors data manually. simply and easy. - LINK FOR TEST

  • List of registered users (competitors) in online database - LINK FOR TEST

  • Contest registration - Sorg can help with online registrations competitors into contest. If u use ours sollution, so you can only add contest registration form into your site, competitors register itself and you then only click in SORG on button "create contest from internet". Select right contest from list all complete contest is ready for run. No competitors hand made writing, no rules editing.


  • RSE - remote score entering is function, that allow enter score after landing on mobile (tablet) via online form / or android APP with name remote sorg /. If is score entered, operator at the computer can simply click on button "get all RSE scores" and dont must anythink rewriting manuall from paper scorecards. All is filled automatically. - LINK FOR TEST 
    If is used QR function from SORG, than is all more simpler and you only scan QR code on scorecards, fill few data and send it into HQ PC

Online output system (data travels from the software to the website)

  • If contest has ended you must in other software create excel sheets, graphs, and good know what else. Not with sorg ... You only click on button "send results to online system" and SORG make all automatically. If the first place is created absolutly great complete overview like THIS and is uploaded to internet. Secondly SORG send data into complete online rank system and create Year rank in selected category (HERE), List of contest in selected category with contest detail (point-based results) (HERE and for contest detail HERE) and competitors VS competitions table with their point-based results. (HERE)

 all PHP files and SQL dump is in download section.

QR codes

qrcardQR codes is new function in SORG and allow scan QR code from SORG scorecards scan via mobile / tablet in our Android APP, will few data and send it from this APP into HQ PC without any piece of paper ! This function is part of RSE (remote score entering) function in SORG V4. Try it !






External devices can be connected to our new SORG V4. Actually there is BIG LED CLOCK, and METEOSTATION. In short time "bells" (gate fly-thru signal) will be available.

All this accesories is avaiable to buy in our eshop. Have a look in hardware-accesories section of this site.


If u have any ideas for some additional hardware, contact us !

If you have other question please use contact form