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15.10.2014 - Last version of SORG V4 (internal version Next release will be SORG V5!

Be professional

We have developed several hardware accesories to use with SORG V4 program to raise your competitions at the the profi level. Giant LED timer, weather unit etc. Mobile applications are also supported. Especially for QR codes and Remote Score Entering /RSE/ - no more papers, no more walking - score is sended by one button push!

Join us !

We are looking for associates who can help us improve our program, adding new ideas, technologies, national rules or can help us with the development of additional hardware

Join us and come together to make the best solution for modellers!

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** Online system need own modification. is really difficult make this section "user-friendly". if u need help or want installation by us, please use contact form" we can make this in our servers, or on yours server / website**


SORG V4 have own online system for competitors registrations (users database) , contest creating, category-year ranking, contest results, online score entering (RSE) with QR codes support etc.

It can be splitted into two categories 

Online input system (data travels from website inside the software)

  • Competitor registration into SORG online database. Everybody who is registered is stored in online database. if competition organisator click in sorg on button "SORG userlist" all users registered via this form is downloadet into computer with sorg. Organisator have actual user list and dont must re-write all competitors data manually. simply and easy. - LINK FOR TEST

  • List of registered users (competitors) in online database - LINK FOR TEST

  • Contest registration - Sorg can help with online registrations competitors into contest. If u use ours sollution, so you can only add contest registration form into your site, competitors register itself and you then only click in SORG on button "create contest from internet". Select right contest from list all complete contest is ready for run. No competitors hand made writing, no rules editing.


  • RSE - remote score entering is function, that allow enter score after landing on mobile (tablet) via online form / or android APP with name remote sorg /. If is score entered, operator at the computer can simply click on button "get all RSE scores" and dont must anythink rewriting manuall from paper scorecards. All is filled automatically. - LINK FOR TEST 
    If is used QR function from SORG, than is all more simpler and you only scan QR code on scorecards, fill few data and send it into HQ PC

Online output system (data travels from the software to the website)

  • If contest has ended you must in other software create excel sheets, graphs, and good know what else. Not with sorg ... You only click on button "send results to online system" and SORG make all automatically. If the first place is created absolutly great complete overview like THIS and is uploaded to internet. Secondly SORG send data into complete online rank system and create Year rank in selected category (HERE), List of contest in selected category with contest detail (point-based results) (HERE and for contest detail HERE) and competitors VS competitions table with their point-based results. (HERE)

 all PHP files and SQL dump is in download section.