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15.10.2014 - Last version of SORG V4 (internal version Next release will be SORG V5!

Be professional

We have developed several hardware accesories to use with SORG V4 program to raise your competitions at the the profi level. Giant LED timer, weather unit etc. Mobile applications are also supported. Especially for QR codes and Remote Score Entering /RSE/ - no more papers, no more walking - score is sended by one button push!

Join us !

We are looking for associates who can help us improve our program, adding new ideas, technologies, national rules or can help us with the development of additional hardware

Join us and come together to make the best solution for modellers!

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For all competition organizers, which are using our SORG V4, we offer LED clocks, weather stations, Stopwatch - Bells or land-measuring tapes. Additional informations below


LED clock

We have new big LED CLOCK for all competition organisators, who want have great professional contest. Software SORG V4 can directly control this clock, and show actual work time (stopwatch mode) or real time. You don't need to use two or more software for controling contest results, audio system and external clock. Now you can do all in one sollution with only ONE BUTTON.

For LED CLOCK exist stand-alone app too, without dependence on SORG V4.

Hardware :

We use one of the best hight quality CREE LED with 6 cd and 120° of view in red color. All PCB is manufactured on professional machines and everything is inside box with special double-mated red plexi-glass.
Connection : COM (9-pin Canon connector)
Power : 12V DC with max. 4A contumption
Firmware update : USB B

Price :

Complete clock without tripod: 700 € 
Clock without box and tripod (only working electric part) : 465 €
Complete clock WITH 5m tripod is : 810 €

If u want buy it, simply fill us our form  - HERE






Tripods are primary developed as accessories for our LED CLOCK, but have many other uses. we have two types of tripod.

Big :

Max height : 5 meters
Folded height : 1,8 meters
Weight : 7,5 Kg
Price : 135 € - If u want buy it, simply fill us our form  - HERE

Small :

Max height : 3 meters
Folded height : 1,6 meters
Weight : 6,8 Kg
Price : 115 € - If u want buy it, simply fill us our form  - HERE

 A093060 A093061

 A093057 A093058

Landing tapes

Measuring landing tapes are necessary on every competition, where landing is scored. So why not have it from us? 

Our measuring landing tapes are waterproof, non-stretch and have one or two scales. Categories, colors or point scales are definable by each customer (surcharge), standard two-scale tape is F5J (red scale)+ F3J/RCEK (blue scale), one scale tape is F5J. For mobile data transfer (RSE) QR codes can be also printed on the tapes. Landing tapes are made from heavy-duty PVC with textile weave and print is protected by liqid lamination. Hole for landing point pin/nail is hobnailed.

Length of tape:

F5J/F3J: 15m / 49,2ft (+ 7cm / 2,75in for in and out )

F5J: 10m / 32,8ft (+ 7cm / 2,75in for in and out )

Width of tape: 3cm / 1,18in 

Price is 11.50 € (10m) and 14.50 € (15m) - If u want buy it, simply fill us our form with additional informations (type, colors, amount, others) - HERE


Prewiew of the landing tape with two scales and QR codes:

Paska FAI F5J F3J QR code


Prewiew of the landing tape with two scales:

Prewiew FAI F5J F3J NO code


Prewiew of the landing tape with one scale and QR codes:

Prewiew FAI F5J RCEV QR code


Prewiew of the landing tape with one scale:

Prewiew FAI F5J RCEV NO code







in development .. 

Stopwatch - Bells

in development ..