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15.10.2014 - Last version of SORG V4 (internal version Next release will be SORG V5!

Be professional

We have developed several hardware accesories to use with SORG V4 program to raise your competitions at the the profi level. Giant LED timer, weather unit etc. Mobile applications are also supported. Especially for QR codes and Remote Score Entering /RSE/ - no more papers, no more walking - score is sended by one button push!

Join us !

We are looking for associates who can help us improve our program, adding new ideas, technologies, national rules or can help us with the development of additional hardware

Join us and come together to make the best solution for modellers!

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Latest version ( - 15.10.2014) of SORG V4 software for PC platform. This is last V4 version before releasing SORGV5. download is here

Remote score entering [RSE] and QR-reader for Android = SORG Remote

SORG remote is application, than cooperate with SORG PC - score computing program for RC aircraft competitions (rcsoftware.cz) and with its help you can remotely entering score , scan QR codes from scorecards or directly from Altis V4 altitude meter and make contest faster and easier

Get it from google play



Audio-Stopwatch for Android = SORG audio

Simple Android APP - speaking stop-watch for you better trainings. get it from google play




PHP online functions files

Complete PHP and SQL files for create own "online-sorg" server. in this package is all for creating online users database, contest registrations, direct contest creating from net. Go to download

** actually we are working on complete translations to english language and improvents many functions. ** 

MP3 audio files

All sounds from SORG v4 in mp3 format. Now you can play it without SORG on your mobile device or in mp3 player (great fot personal training). Go to download